Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ahhhhh Fall!

I love Fall. While it is the season that nature prepares to rest for winter, I am always energized by the cooler weather. I feel more creative and I usually find it a relaxing time of year. We are settling into our life here in Mountain View. This week will be the first week that we haven't had to go to Oklahoma City for appts or family events. I am looking forward to a normal week. The girls are loving life here. They often comment about how they are making friends. That is a huge answer to prayer for us.

Brian is beginning to get a handle on what is required of him and is starting to feel comfortable in his role. I am starting to find my role and place in this ministry. It has been more difficult to adjust than I ever would have imagined, but with God's help, my fears are conquered. (And when Satan tries to bring them up again, I just call on the greatest fear-flicker of all - God.) I am not usually a negative or fearful person so these last couple of months have been very frustrating for me. I'm so thankful that God has helped me conquer my fears. They drained me of my energy, my sanity and my creativity. God is so good!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Our First Married Experience With Mice

I like mice. At least the cartoon kind. I definitely do NOT like mice who run in my house, look at me and dare me to stop them. Brian was convinced that there was only one mouse, I knew better, but allowed him to hope. So, after seeing a mouse in the house, we set traps. On Saturday night, around midnight, a mouse ran into the living room and looked at us before running into the entry closet. Brian had a plan. I would hold the rug across the end of the entry, thus blocking off the main house, and he would use a broom to sweep it outside.

We assumed our positions. Brian opened the closet door. The mouse streaked out and ran right back in. Brian moved a few things out of the closet and scared the mouse out. Mice are fast! It ran at Brian's leg and Brian started dancing a jig while trying to smack it with the broom. I'm barely holding on to the rug because I'm laughing so hard at Brian. Eventually, Brian got in a good swing and stunned the mouse. He swept it outside and I put the rug back. Soon, he returned with my broom in two pieces, but the mouse was dead.

Well, Brian was convinced that was the only one, but he humored me and left the traps out. Sunday night we left for the city to spend Labor Day with our family. We had a great Labor Day at my parents' house. It was a beautiful day and a fun time. The next day (Tuesday), when we returned home, there was a terrible stench in the air. Two mice had found traps on Sunday night! Hopefully, that's all of them, but I won't feel comfortable for a while.