Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 - Big Changes; 2010 - What Will You Be?

New Church
New Town
New House
New Friends

While these are all good changes, there was sadness as we said "goodbye for now" to friends from Faith Crossing. Moving out of my OKC house was hard for me - my memories are triggered by places or things and my most of my memories of Jacob are attached to that house. God has been good to us in 2009: new ministry for us, no more financial worries, friends for our children and a good community to be part of.

Coming in 2010:
I will get to QUIT my job at the end of January!!! That's the only sure thing I know of for this coming year. For the rest, I can only wonder!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"Tis the Season

I love the Christmas season. My home is decorated with love and cheer. Now I can watch Christmas movies and Brian won't make fun of me. I have almost finished my Christmas shopping and the girls are so excited about all of the coming events.

We sold our house in OKC and closed on it last month. My wonderful husband has given me "permission" to quit my job if I want to. It feels wonderful to have that freedom. I think I'll probably do one or two cases a month just because it's easy money. But, it is great to have a choice now. It's probably one of the best Christmas presents ever.

Our church life is good right now. I'm finally starting to feel comfortable and I am getting to know the women in the church. Our family seems to fit in well with the people and they seem to appreciate Brian. The town is decorated for Christmas and we got to participate in a town-wide holiday open house. Life in a small town - new experiences, lots of fun.